About NetEnt Slots RTPs

NetEnt is a game developer that specializes in providing casino gaming solutions. It has a vast array of casino games among which are slots, table games, speciality games, and live casino. In this comprehensive guide, our experts will provide you with all the needed information concerning NetEnt Slots RTPs. You will be able to understand what RTP means and why it important that you check it before choosing a slot game. Sites such as http://www.topnetentcasinos.net have a directory of popular NetEnt video slots as well as reviews of the games.

What Does RTP Mean?

RTP which is a short form of Return to Player is the percentage of all the bets placed on a particular game which will be paid back to players as winnings in the entire lifetime of the game. To get the bigger picture, let's explain with an example. Consider a NetEnt slot that offers a 97% RTP rate. If all the money wagered on that game totals $100, then players can expect winnings of $97 on the game. You can play NetEnt slots at casinos listed on contactlensinstitute.net .

In the above example, the remaining $3 is referred to as the House Edge. It is the amount that goes to the casino as profits. Checking the RTP of a NetEnt slot is important. This is because it gives you information about what to expect from the slot you are playing. NetEnt is known for offering the best RTP rates for its slots. These rates are usually between 93% to 98%. Below, we list the RTP values of some popular NetEnt slots.

  • Starburst - 96.10%
  • Gonzo's Quest - 96.00%
  • Mega Fortune Progressive - 96.40%
  • Blood Suckers - 98.00%
  • Neon Staxx - 96.90%
  • When Pigs Fly - 97.00%
  • Silent Run - 96.10%
  • Reel Steal - 95.90%

Contrary to what some people believe, the RTP of a slot remains the same whether you are playing on your desktop or mobile devices. Although in some NetEnt slots, the RTP may increase when you place the maximum possible bet or when you activate a bonus feature of the game. Any online casino slot that has an RTP rate below 90% is considered to be a bad slot by professional players. Thus, you should always try as much as possible to check the RTP of a slot before playing it.


Additional Information About NetEnt Slots RTPs

A few people often confuse RTP and Volatility to mean the same thing. While both are features of slots, they are totally different in meaning. The volatility of a slot is related to the risk you are taking in playing the game. This risk falls into three different levels - High volatility, Low Volatility and Medium Volatility. You should also know that it is impossible for an online casino to manipulate the RTP of a NetEnt slot because it is set by the developer of the game.

Every NetEnt slot has an information menu often denoted by an "i" button. By clicking on this button, you will be able to reveal the information menu where you can check the RTP of the game as well as other features. A truth about RTP is that online casinos have a higher RTP than landbased casinos. And this makes NetEnt slot a good choice for you to play. So why not go ahead and check out the different NetEnt slots available and choose the one that suits your taste.